CURIOSITY IN MOVEMENT. This is a deep thread that has run through my life. I’ve led a physical life but wasn’t always particularly wise in the upkeep of my body. Early on, I was curious about all kinds of sports, then dance, then pottery. However, a lifetime of movement and twenty years at the potter’s wheel made me curious about pain. Specifically serious, chronic back pain.

I began to feel better with the very first Feldenkrais® movement class I took. This encouraged me to take more classes and pursue private sessions as well. And I became more and more curious about how micro-movements so subtle could influence the nervous system so profoundly. What was once painful became comfortable. What had been difficult became effortless. And life in the body suddenly became a pleasure rather than an obstacle. I needed to know more. And since practically everyone I knew was in some kind of pain, I wanted to learn to help others as I had been helped.

I graduated from a four-year Feldenkrais® training program in 1992. I have a private practice in Portland, Maine and also teach classes and workshops on a regular basis. It’s an honor to be able to teach this method. Everyone is welcome and everyone can improve and learn to live more comfortably.