Jane has helped hundreds of women and men. Read what a few have to say.

With heart and humor, Jane offers a sense of possibility to women for whom pelvic floor issues are bewildering, uncomfortable and just plain embarrassing. I wish my gynecologist had referred me to her ten years ago! –BT

I was completely astounded at learning a new and proper way to do a crunch!! I really do have abs and they aren’t so out of shape as I thought. It felt really good to feel them working so efficiently and learn their connection to strengthening the pelvic floor. –MB

Jane, I’d just like to tell you that I’m doing really well with your CDs and am on the way to being incontinence free. Yay! –AM, age 15

I feel more in tune with how to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, and how easy it will be to continue this practice. It was nice to share different experiences with other women and hear their stories in the workshop. –JE

I have less pain all over from working with Jane! –KS

After working with Jane my doctor said, ‘Whatever exercises you have been doing have completely reversed your prolapse!’ He was astonished and I am so grateful. And Jane’s CDs even worked for my 84 year old mother’s incontinence! –PVS